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Tripp Lite offers products and professional guidance to help its customers power their computers and electronics safely and communicate. Tripp Lite provides more than 4,000 items for any device, on the web, in the data center, or anywhere power and knowledge flow. Using an uninterruptible Tripp Lite power supply can help avoid damage to electronics caused by a number of different electrical disturbances that end-users would often ignore, including line noise and electrical surges. Need help? Click here to engage with our dedicated team.



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Healthcare and Education. Safe.

Tripp Lite offers Power Strips and Surge Protectors with antimicrobial protection. The patented antimicrobial coating is 99.9% effective in inhibiting the growth of bacteria, viruses, mold and fungi on surfaces. Solutions from multi-device charging carts to wall/ceiling mount stations. Monolith proudly partners with Tripp Lite for simple & complex business solutions. Need help? Click here to engage with our dedicated team.

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Preconfigured for Edge computing

Smart sensors and devices in edge locations like factories, offices, homes, stores, and warehouses have become smaller, less expensive and increasingly interconnected, creating an explosion of data. Tripp Lite offers a solution that reduces site costs and is faster & easier to rollout. Need help? Click here to engage with our dedicated team.

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