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A leading partner with Monolith, Seagate has dominated the data storage industry for 40 years. Seagate understands users unique data storage challenges, and provides industry-leading products suited for every need. Including the newly crafted BarraCuda Pro 14TB 3.5-inch desktop hard drives to help you achieve your storage goals, to Barracuda 3TB SSD drives to accelerate your notebook computer. Need a hand? Click here to engage with our dedicated team.

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Built on proven reliability and innovation, BarraCuda hard drives are available in a versatile mix of capacity and price point options to fit any budget. Seagate delivers hard drives and SSD's to fit any form, from M.2 to SATA600 2.5in. The choice is yours.

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Managing and orchestrating the flow of life sciences data requires alive, intelligent, and agile solutions. Seagate helps you harness the power of your data through massive in-lab storage capacity and modular edge solutions that offload data with fast, affordable, and secure cloud architecture for both private and hybrid environments. Capturing data in a life sciences lab is no small feat. We offer high-capacity storage solutions that live alongside your devices—regardless of where your work takes them. Need help? Click here to engage with our dedicated team.

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