About Monolith Technology Group Inc.

Monolith Technology Group Inc. is a leading provider of technology solutions for small and medium businesses, education and healthcare, as well as government clients. Established in 2017, Monolith is a privately owned corporation based in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.

Monolith empowers clients to achieve their technology-related goals. We work one on one with each customer to discover their pain points/needs and to deliver a complete solution that makes an impact on their business, not their budget. Simply put; Monolith designs, delivers, and drives Business-class IT.



Our Story

Monolith Technology Group Inc. (Monolith) was founded in November 2017 by Paul Brooks and his business partner Will Russell. Paul and Will have worked within the I.T. industry for a combined 25+ years, sharing real passion for helping their clients find the right technology solution for their business, while staying true to both their budget and core values.

Sharing their love for business-class technology while working closely together at well-known IT reseller (NCIX / Netlink Computers) for over 10 years, Paul spearheaded and grew the Corporate Business unit of NCIX. This was extremely successful, developing from a single head count to dozens of team members, located all over North America – from Vancouver, BC, Toronto, ON, and LA, California. By 2015, NCIX Business Team had become the growth engine of NCIX and a real force to be reckoned with.

Will’s journey began in 2012; where he started working with Paul as a Business to Business Sales leader. Quickly Will carved out his own name and legacy within NCIX and the Business-class IT arena. Known for his empathy and compassion while still getting things done, Will excelled at both sales & leadership; a valuable combination.

The dynamic duos’ meteoric rise had soon come to a crashing halt in 2017; while both Paul and Will were growing & expanding their Corporate Business division, NCIX began to dismantle. Unable to support clients with the principles their whole division was based upon, team members disbanded and relationships eroded rapidly.

It was at the darkest hour that Paul made a life-changing commitment. He decided he could not only continue to provide top-notch business-class products & services on own his without the NCIX banner, but together – Paul and Will could do it even better! From this epiphany, Paul and Will agreed to depart NCIX and shoot for the stars. Bringing a unique blend of sales leadership, software/hardware development, and commerce & marketing acumen, Monolith Technology Group Inc. was born

Monolith officially opened its doors on November 1st, 2017 and hit the ground running. However their start-up wasn’t without struggles; Out of the gate challenges with vendor credit lines, inventory and banking support loomed. Several original founding members became anxious & weary and departing within the first 3 months, leaving Paul and Will hanging. However, with the support of their corporate partners, vendors, suppliers, and distribution relationships, Monolith marched onward supporting their loyal clients from day 1; providing the service levels Paul & Will’s clients had come to expect.

Monolith Technology Group - Collage

For the first year and a half, Monolith operated out of home offices and basements while establishing itself and finding the right corporate space (a tall order in Vancouver, BC). In the early days it was a regular occurrence to see Paul and Will unloading skids of product by hand into Paul’s basement which was then quickly processed and shipped. In the spirit of top-customer service, Paul & Will committed to hand-signing all invoices/packing slips for the first 1000 orders. With a skeleton crew and finding creative ways to delight clients, it was through this hard work and dedication that drove company revenue into 8-figures in just 2 short years of business.

Monolith Technology Group

On July 1st, 2019, after much searching for suitable Corporate spaces, Monoliths’ steady growth path supported the acquisition of their new Corporate Head Office located in Burnaby, BC. Featuring nearly 10,000 square feet of modern office and warehouse space. Renovations began Spring 2020 with the creation of a new Staff lounge, Production/R&D department, dedicated Media & Creative spaces and cutting-edge co-working office space, marking the continued expansion of Monoliths business growth. To follow the expansion yourself, click here.

Monolith Technology Group - Unit 130 – 8610 Glenlyon Parkway, Burnaby, British Columbia, V5J 0B6

Looking beyond, Monolith continues to grow its client base and relationships with all corporate partners. They lead the pack as the partner that changes the way we look at Business-class IT, while empowering businesses to focus on what’s most important to them. Their business.



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